We hire speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathology assistants, school psychologists, and occupational therapists.
Our community of professionals fosters growth for one another and for the kids we serve.

You can work anywhere. Here’s why you should work here.

Sometimes independent contracting is great, but that’s just not our scene. We hire all of our people as either salaried or hourly employees with 401k, medical, dental, and vision benefits available for full or part time employees.

Your work life is not your whole life, and time away is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That’s why everyone who works at Hello has no-questions-asked paid time off and paid parental leave.

Life is messy, and that can be expensive. All THFers have access to flexible spending accounts for childcare and medical expenses, and voluntary supplemental benefits.

High-quality, affordable continuing education hours can be tough to come by. At Hello, we provide 8 hours of free, in-house PD for our specialists annually and use clinician input to select our speakers and topics.

No specialist is an island. THFers have access to our award-winning, confidential intranet, peer collaboration and problem-solving at monthly Group Shares, and advocacy with your district from a dedicated THF supervisor.

Life is way too short to take everything so seriously all of the time! We love to send special treats to our people, give away gift cards for no good reason, and host social events and big ol’ parties, too.

You decide your criteria for work. You drive the process for choosing a placement that fits your needs. 
You interview with the district and decide whether to accept the position.

At Hello, you are the one in charge.


Our people it here!

I am just thankful for you all 🙂 I feel truly supported by everyone at Hello- co-workers and administration alike. I am excited to go to work everyday.

– Alyssa Hoffman, school psychologist

The best part about working for Hello is being supported as a mom! Also, being supported in establishing my value to the district and having options for where I work.

– Brittany Waggoner, school psychologist

Being encouraged by an employer to make space for things that keep me balanced is a first. I’m seriously tickled… it truly is an honor to represent THF!

– Elsa Bro, speech language pathologist

I love working for a company that cares about me as an individual and a professional and supports me 100% in my position.

– Heather Emery-Hendrick, SLP

Thank you for always being so supportive and “having our backs.” I’ve been with THF for a couple of years now, but the advocacy and support I receive here still stands out in vast contrast to how I felt working directly for a school district.

– Jennifer Cockrell, school psychologist

Thank you for all your assistance in navigating insurance and providing information. You always respond within hours and are available to call. Above and beyond! 

– Julie Milligan, OT

THF has been the greatest career move I have made. I am so happy to work for this company and learn from all the people at THF, and love the flexibility of work that promotes a healthy work/life balance!

– Laura Hall, school psychologist

I feel very comfortable with this company and at ease with starting a new job in a new area. Heidi has been wonderful with any questions I have/things I need help with!

– Lorie Harrison, SLPA

Gina has a relaxed, confident energy about her that is contagious. She gives me great advice and has a wonderful way of explaining things! She answers all my questions and I feel that I am truly receiving a rich CF experience. I couldn’t be happier with her as my supervisor!

– Rachel Braga, CF speech language pathologist